Local Phone Service

Local Telephone Service from IAMO Communications provides you with security in always being able to reach out to someone when you need to.


Long Distance Telephone Plans

48 States: $0.05 / min. | Alaska, Hawaii: $0.06 / min. | Canada: $0.125 / min.

$0.05 / minute with No Plan*

$12.50 / mo. with Unlimited Plan*+

* Plans are billed one month in advance. Prices subject to change.
+ Residential Phone Only.


Backup Power Information

Your home phone service is provided with our state-of-the-art fiber optic network and requires electric power to operate. To avoid a disruption of home voice service during a power outage – and to maintain the ability to connect to 911 emergency services — we at IAMO Communications provide a battery backup that is already installed for your convenience and safety. These backups are designed to provide up to 8 hours of standby power. We offer these free of charge.

What your Backup Battery Can and Can’t Do for You

The battery backup provided by IAMO Communications must be kept connected to a power source so that it maintains a charge. This will allow you to continue to use your home voice services during a power outage.

The battery provided by IAMO Communications is expected to last at least 8 hours on standby power. That means the backup battery should give you approximately 8 hours of talk time. Cordless phones, home security systems, the internet, medical monitoring devices, routers and other equipment are not powered by the IAMO Communications battery backup during a power outage. If you want these devices to operate during an outage, you should purchase a separate battery backup designed to support that equipment.

Instructions for Proper Care and Use of Your Battery

Our service technician will provide you with verbal on-site instructions that will include proper operation of the battery backup to ensure that it will function as needed during a power outage. Because environmental factors such as temperature can also shorten the battery’s life, IAMO Communications technicians will make every effort to install the battery backup in a location at your premise that stays above 41°F and below 104°F. The battery backup provided to you by IAMO Communications will last approximately 5 years. IAMO Communications will maintain and replace it, should it stop working. If your services stop working, or if your battery backup starts to make a beeping sound or the green light is out, please verify that it is plugged into an electrical outlet. If your services are not restored, or if the beeping continues, please call our business office at 1-888-582-3232. You should also periodically, as described in the instructions included with your battery, remove and test your battery to verify both the operation of the backup battery and its condition.


Local Telephone Service from IAMO Communications provides you with security in always being able to reach out to someone when you need to.


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