Fiber Internet Coming Near You

Project in Progress


IAMO Communications is currently building a fiber network to serve the following Rural Communities: Clarinda, Yorktown, Shenandoah, Braddyville, Shambaugh and College Springs.

All backed by the State of Iowa and Federal Grant Programs through the Empower Rural Iowa Broadband Grant Program.

Construction Process

How long will the construction process take?

The entire process will take several months to years (contingent upon weather conditions and access to building supplies). Typically we start the process in late spring and finish in late Fall when the ground freezes. There may also be times when construction ceases in your area, only to start up again several weeks later. During this construction process the ground may be somewhat torn up. We don’t leave open trenches, so it’s safe; however, it won’t be pretty to look at. During this time you may see orange inner-duct poking out through the ground alongside the road. Machinery may be parked alongside the road in preparation for the next day’s work. We may also leave large cement vaults in place as we prepare to bury them. Don’t worry!  By the end of the project all will be neatly buried in the ground and out of sight.

Will IAMO Communications fix areas that get torn up during construction?

We are committed to leaving all construction areas in as good or better shape than before we started.  During cleanup we will ensure the ground has been smoothed out. We will bring in topsoil where needed and will seed. New grass should begin sprouting within 10 days of the cleanup work.

If we miss a spot, please call us! We will be more than happy to send a crew out to fix it.

What is Fiber and Why is it better?

Fiber is a medium that provides Internet service to your home and business at speeds much faster than traditional copper or wireless based technologies. With fiber, data travels to you as light over strands of glass. Tops speeds can reach up to 1000 Mbps (1Gbps).


With fiber technology, IAMO Communications can bring you speeds of LIGHT up to 1 GIG! 


Our fiber optics are buried:  Providing you with symmetrical consistent speeds for both upload and download and resilience to inclement weather (bad weather does NOT interrupt services due to buried cable). 

How will IAMO Communications bring the service to my home or business?

Fiber service requires that IAMO Communications construct a whole new network for your Internet service to traverse.  The fiber will be buried, IAMO Communications contractors will trench or bore through state and county right of way areas to bring the fiber to you. 

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